Volunteer with ARRWIP


Can students get involved in ARRWIP?

We do have students involved in the ARRWIP team. A lot of students express interest and we want to include as many students on our team as possible. However, we do not have standing projects awaiting student involvement, and students start out by being part of ARRWIP’s learning community; projects do come up from time to time for the students who are a part of the team. 

How can students get involved and what does that entail?

Generally, this is how things currently work with our students: we ask that interested students complete a short form, so we have a sense of whether it’s a good match, what people’s experience is and their availability, etc. For students for whom ARRWIP participation is a good match, they then join our weekly Zoom lab meetings. We recognize that students may not be able to attend each week, or that our meeting time may conflict with classes, so you can always revisit your involvement in the future. Attending the weekly meetings is the best way to learn about possible project opportunities.

At these meetings, we discuss current projects students are working on, brainstorm ideas, ask students to help with project tasks that arise (e.g. literature reviews, study fact sheet creation for disseminating results, study recruitment flyers, analysis, manuscript writing, help with slide decks, etc.). We ask new students joining the team (and then subsequent volunteers) to present at one of our monthly journal clubs (it’s very informal!) and to do some background reading from our curated reading list.

Do you provide funding for students?

We want to be forthcoming that, unfortunately, we do not have any funding for students at this time. For our ARRWIP student volunteers, though, this is something that you can list on your CV.

Can students who are not at Johns Hopkins get involved?

While we do have students of all training levels from many institutions on our team, at this time we are at capacity and can only involve Johns Hopkins students. Please check back for changes!

If you would like to express interest in joining ARRWIP, click on the link to complete the ARRWIP Student Interest Form.