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Pregnant Incarcerated People’s Experiences with Decision-Making and Care

We conducted a qualitative, interview-based study (2018-2020) with pregnant people in jails and prisons in 2 different states to explore how being incarcerated affects various decisions they make about their pregnancies. We hope that findings can inform programs, services, and policies to better address the needs of pregnant and birthing people experiencing incarceration and their families.

Funded by: Society of Family Planning Research Fund

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Journal Publication:

Sufrin C, Williamston AD, Beal L, Hayes CM, and Kramer C.“I mean, I didn’t really have a choice of anything:” How incarceration influences abortion decision-making and precludes access in the United States. Perspect Sex Reprod Health. 2023;1‐13.doi:10.1363/psrh.2235